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GKV Internatiopnal  is  a complete marble solution to architects and end-users through a direct marketing and distribution channel. This enables the consumer needs to be met to their expectations by educating them on the actual attributes involved in using a natural product.

GKV International has an experienced team of experts in the field of marbles & mining.

Areas of business

The Company has carried out research for 15 years and developed the first aqua onyx mines in soothing rich shades in the world over an area of hundreds of acres.

Intensive research has been carried out over the last 15 years on this marble by laying it at different strategic locations. All of the research has been documented, thereby making it a one-of-a-kind R&D programme carried out over such a long period by any marble mine operation.

A mass of more than four billion tons was excavated to open the faces of different stones, and now the whole mine has been mechanised with faces opened and bench-mining operations in full swings in

Dolomite Minerals

Royal Aqua Marbles

Onyx Brandi Marble



Gujarat, India