Gkv Hotels P. Ltd.

The GKV Hotels  opened its first property, The Raj  Palace, in Jaipur in 1997. It took 12 painstaking years of hardwork and restoration to make The Raj Palace the best Heritage hotel in the world in 2007 ( world Travel Award ) since then the company has been able to maintain its position as a leader in Luxury Heritage  Palace in the world.

Areas of business 

GKV Hotels P. Ltd  operates in the luxury Boutique hotels market segment and has created a niche brand "The Raj Palace"

The company plans to expand in franchising and managing hotels and resorts with its expertise in the luxury segment.

The company has plans to eneter the hospitality education sector with its spl Skill training module and management course soon.


GKV Hotels  head office is in Jaipur, India.